Author Topic: How to Start Freelancing from Bangladesh  (Read 1361 times)


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How to Start Freelancing from Bangladesh
« on: January 22, 2012, 06:43:26 AM »
Most of the people in Bangladesh are facing the unemployment problem. But who are aware about their career and who are not aware about their career this post is basically for them. I am now introducing the ‘Freelancing’ profession for Bangladeshi.

I will describe ‘How to start Freelancing from Bangladesh’. Freelancing is a great way to earn and learn with various kinds of practical projects. Freelancing profession is fully an independent profession for them who want to work with flexibility. ‘Freelancing’ profession helps you in various ways such as-

    Own Time Scheduling
    Practice Global Professionalism
    Global network
    Easily Get Paid
    No Huge Investment
    Your Home is Your Office
    Anytime you can do work and get paid
    No Boss and No Pressure
    Multiple Task done easily
    Build a strong professional community
    Gather experience from various kinds of projects
    Get Inspired
    Be recognized

So, freelancing professional is now being a good job or good profession for many people.? Let’s see how you can start freelancing from Bangladesh.

There are many companies are making the community or network for Freelancer and Buyer such as Freelancer (Formerly GetAFreelancer), oDesk, FreelancerZone etc..

You can go to their website and the ‘Find Job’ option you can find the job category and available jobs. First figure out their job category and try to see the job list 3 times in a day and read the job description then you can get a better idea about the job. Because some people love to work and they say that they are able to do any real life project. But working for thyself or working amateur types of work is not same with ‘Work for earning’ or professionalism. You should practice professionalism.
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