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Title: How to Bookmark Online in Firefox
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Firefox unlike Opera doesn’t have feature (Opera One) by itself to store the bookmark and other account information online and retrieve it later. Although this feature can be achieved by using a Firefox Addon – StartAid. With this plugin, you can create an account and store all your bookmarks online. So even if login on a different computer or if you have lost all data from your existing computer, you can get all the bookmarks back.

 Bookmarking a page (
Bookmarking a page is just like bookmarking in the normal firefox. Once you have bookmarked, you can sync it on any other computer.
OBM How to Bookmark Online in Firefox

Online Bookmark Manager - Firefox
Download Online Bookmark Manage – StartAid

    Visit here to download the plugin.
    Install the plugin and Restart Firefox.
    Create an account with Online Bookmark Manager, the bookmarking process will be with respect to your account created.
    All bookmarks will be stored online in your account. To access these bookmarks on other websites, simply install this plugin and login to your account created.