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Title: Computer Crashes? - Ideas to Fix a Computer Crash
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1. Computer Crashing caused by Hardware

*Poor Heat Dissipation* Monitor, Power and CPU will emit plenty of heat when in operation.If the generated heat is not dissipated in time, the normal operation will be adversely affected, which may result in decrease of operation speed or life expectancy. A common solution is to dispose a heat sink and a fan corresponding to a heat source. Computer will probably freezes because of the poor heat dissipation. If you use a laptop with a low quality cpu fan, you can purchase a USB fan to cool down the CPU temperature. Your computer will run more smoothly than before.

*PC is moved inappropriately" If your computer is moved to another place incautiously, some components in it would slap because of the violent vibration and results in the crashing. Therefore, I suggest you handle your PC with care.

*Dust Killer* Guess what? Too much dust in your computer will also cause computer crashing. Don't be lazy:) Cleaning the dust regularly is another effective maintenance method to avoid PC freeze.

*Unmatch Device* If the Motherboard frequency does not match with frequency of CPU, the computer would fail to keep running smoothly but just crashes continually.

*Incompatibility between hard/software* Some 3D Application Software and special software would probably have conflicts with the hardware of some computers.

*Memory Malfunction* Loose or low quality memory would cause computer crashing frequently. You need to check the memory and plug it into the mainboard again. If there is something wrong with the RAM, please try to clean the gold finger.

*Hard Drive Malfunction* Computer Crashing also could be caused by the aging of PC hard drive or the bad track of the HD. I advice you download or purchase some HD diagnose tools to detect and fix HD problems. If the hard drive is damaged seriously then you have to get a new one to replace it.

*CPU Overclocking* Overclocking of course will improve the CPU working frequency but meanwhile it also will bring unsteadiness to the computer. So get your CPU to the normal frequency right now.

*Conflicts from HD Resources* To remove the potential conflicts among PC devices, you can enter the "safe mode" and adjust some settings in the "Controle Panel"---"System"--"Devices Manage". To fix some errors caused by driver program, you can modify the registry with this instruction: Click "Start" menu---"Run"--Type in "regedit" and find out the relevant registry keys. Delete them. If you feel hard to do this, it is highly recommended that you download registry cleaning software to fix the invalid and wrong registry entries/keys on your computer to reduce the probability of computer crashing.

*Shortage of Memory* If you try to run some large applications on the computer with poor memory, it is no doubt that probability of crashing would be increased.

2. Computer Crashing caused by Software

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Virus Infections* Virus,Trojan,Worms,Spyware,Malware, etc will absolutely affect computer performance and cause computer crashing frequently. To install a kind of anti-virus software on your computer is very necessary as a PC user.

*Improper Setting of CMOS* CMOS, short for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, is a low-power, low-heat semiconductor technology used in contemporary microchips, especially useful for battery-powered devices. So make sure the settings of it are correct.

*Delete System Files Accidently*

If you delete some system files that the operating system could not work properly. Of course there comes the computer crashing. To fix this problem, you can insert the installation boot diskette with the same version of operating system then type in "SYSC" and transfer the whole system files again. Problem would be resolved very quickly. Or you can download Registry Easy and use the "files recoveryer" function to get those system files back!

*Broken Initialization files* Some initialization files such as System.ini, Win.ini, User.dat, System.dat are vital to Windows Startup.If those files were broken or get something wrong, computer will fail to start and also will freeze even crash!

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