Author Topic: Best three softwares to bypass proxy  (Read 1198 times)


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Best three softwares to bypass proxy
« on: January 27, 2012, 08:31:07 AM »

This is the probably the best and the fastest of the three proxy softwares. Proxifier works on MacOS and in Windows. Using proxifier you can connect using the HTTPS or the SOCKS proxy. Proxifier lets you browse any blocked websites. The good thing is you could download torrents in your restricted internet. There is no Linux version of Proxifier and its not compatible with WINE or other emulators.


This proxy isnít that fast as compared to Proxifier. Ultrasurf is completely free to use. Torrent download is somehow not possible using Ultrasurf. The good thing is it runs on Linux with WINE emulator. So if you are Linux user, you can very well use this.


Tor project is one of the widely proxy softwares. Tor supports Windows, Linux, MacOS. The best thing is you can use Tor to bypass restrictions in your smartphones too. The bad thing is the speed. Tor is the slowest of all three applications listed here. Torrent downloads are possible using Tor, if readers insist we would also like to write a tutorial for that.

Restrictions are made to maintain some order in the workspace, but breaking them for a good purpose is never wrong. I hope that these applications will solve your network restrictions problem. In our next tutorial we will introduce how to bypass file size limit restrictions made using Squid and other firewall services.
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