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Softwares required for laptops
« on: January 28, 2012, 08:34:17 AM »
With laptops you will have to travel to various places and connect to different networks with proxy. But incase of Firefox of other browsers, it involves a lot of steps to change the proxy. This addon will simplify your work by setting different proxy profiles, you simply got to select them before surfing to work. Incase if you are a firefox user you can try the addon called  FoxyProxy and Chrome users can extension .Proxy Switchy

Dim Screen :

This is one of the tool that can control the brightness of your laptop screen. Although Windows by itself has tools to control your brightness, I found Dim Screen to work much better, especially if you are wearing spectacles with power more than 5, like me icon biggrin Softwares required for laptops . Check out more about Dim Screen here. You can also use the Window’s default application called the Windows Mobility Center.

Lili Bootable USB Creator :

Some of Laptops (Especially the Atom Processor ones) will not have a CD/DVD Driver, in such cases to install any of the Linux Distributions, this tool will be of great help. Simply plug in the USB Drive, mount the OS Image, it will turn your USB drive into a Bootable USB Linux Installer. The tool doesn’t support any of the Windows Operating system, however you can download third party Portable Windows OS , which can be directly copied to the USB Drive and Windows can be installed form there. Check out how to use Lili Bootable USB Linux Creator.

Battery Gadget :

One of the most criticial hardware related thing in laptops is the battery, apart from the standard battery notifiers, use third party tools or gadgets that has more features like reporting, discharging time left. There are also applications that can considerably increase your battery discharge hours.  Passmark Battery Monitor an advanced application that can graph the discharge time of your laptop battery, compare it with standard discharge rates etc.

Browser Syncronization :

If you own both a laptop and a PC and you want to sync the bookmarks, history and other Internet browser data. Rather than manually taking backup of Firefox data and restoring them on other computer, you can simply have a sync between your various computers. Opera sync is one such feature that provides these options, you can simply create a Opera sync account, and through which ever computer you sign in with that accounts, you can sync data over internet. 

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