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Microsoft Internet explorer 9 is Here.
« on: January 29, 2012, 12:16:42 PM »
Finally a long wait for Microsoft Internet explorer to step up to the plate and complete with browsers like Firefox, Chrome, opera and safari has begun, past week Microsoft released it newer most improved web browser which is the ninth version of internet explorer. Many changes were done to the browser and developed more stable version than the previous one cause the one major flaw in them was the browser is always crashing in between session which made majority users to change but this time quite a lotta of work has been put into this which make this version  different.

So what’s new about IE 9 which makes waves across the internet??

Well theirs many feature which have been added new to internet explore which makes it that much more comparative with other internet browser

IE interface 300x225 Microsoft Internet explorer 9 is Here.

*Hardware accelerator

*Pinned Sites

*Address Bar Search

*Enhanced Tabs and Tab Page

*Add-on Performance Advisor

Hardware accelerator: This is the only critical piece of technique which catapulted IE 9 to where It is now, Hardware accelerator is a technique which enables the browser to function more faster than usual for audio, video and graphics are render, this makes everything to perfection. Acceleration of hardware is not only done by the local processor of the computer but another virtual processor which is also know as the GPU( Graphics processing unit) or a regular graphic card . These days this technique is also implemented in games console, mobile phones and workstation.

Pinned Sites: This is one of the new main feature which make IE 9 a bit different from other browser, where the user can drag and drop the required web site that they use regularly from the address bar of IE 9 on to the taskbar, so that it looks like a regular application intern it will be easier for the user to access the website. This is possible only in windows vista and 7 but IE only supports these operating system.Pin up 300x238 Microsoft Internet explorer 9 is Here.

Address Bar Search: This is also a cool feature that really impressed me, In IE9 the separate search bar is out instead you can search anything that you want in the address bar, how it works is for example lets say you are search a key word”Microsoft” in IE9 you can select in which search engine that you want to search the key word. It not that it doesn’t exist before but an additionally user can now search in facebook and other search type which was not their previously.

html5 logo 150x150 Microsoft Internet explorer 9 is Here.Enhanced Tabs and Tab Page: Nothing new about this feature, Its just a regular tab which was already used “and” used in almost every browsers today, it has been enhanced so that it wont crash as more frequently as it is reputed to be.

Add-on Performance Advisor: just another fancy feature which shows the third party add-on which use majority processor memory and alerts the user.

Now let’s get to the in-depth feature which makes IE 9 faster and better ,Faster because java scripts is integrated with it which makes the communication between browsers and scripts in no time. Because of this it is more compatible with most of the websites, quick in rendering and also smothers in graphics. Major enhancement comes in the compatibility with HTML 5.

Now the new browser will be able to support HTML5,This is a major breakthrough for the whole application cause HTML5 supports all the major tags and key codec’s like MP3 and AAC.

Acid3Screen 300x251 Microsoft Internet explorer 9 is Here.Acid 3 Test : The pervious version of Internet explorer wasn’t doing well in this test, Acid test is a standard test which is done for web browser to check their performance by loading ,unloading testing the rendering depth and other standards which is key for a typical browser. I.E fair well this time and hope it would do the same real-time.

Major drawback: It has to be said that IE is not compatible with XP is one of the major drawback for the application cause Ever though Microsoft Internet explorer said to be not so reliable,  but still it is the most widely used web browser in the world where more than 41 % of users use IE followed by Firefox and others, In these users majority users who use XP , to be accurate more than 40% users use XP and only 26% who use Win 7.

When Xp users don’t have a upgrade of the web browser, instead of switching to a better operating system that supports IE9 they would obviously move to a better web browser to reduce the hassle of switching everything to a different environment. Microsoft would have thought about this but still went on releasing it without Xp support, plus hardware acceleration is completely complicated in initiating in Xp. Lets us wait till Firefox 4 comes out and then compare both the browser so that we could clearly see the outcome of the future of internet browsing.
Operating System Which its works on

    Windows Vista 32-bit with Service Pack 2 (SP 2) or highergraph 300x237 Microsoft Internet explorer 9 is Here.
    Windows Vista 64-bit with Service Pack 2 (SP 2) or higher
    Windows 7 32-bit RTM or higher
    Windows 7 64-bit RTM or higher
    Windows Server 2008 32-bit with Service Pack 2 (SP 2) or higher
    Windows Server 2008 64-bit with Service Pack 2 (SP 2) or higher
    Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit
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