Author Topic: Paths to Sustainable Energy  (Read 5290 times)


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Paths to Sustainable Energy
« on: January 10, 2012, 07:45:29 PM »

Jatin Nathwani | Artie Ng |
InTech, 2011

Book Catagory : Technology
Language : English
664 Pages - 46.81 MB

The world's reliance on existing sources of energy and their associated detrimental impacts on the environment- whether related to poor air or water quality or scarcity, impacts on sensitive ecosystems and forests and land use - have been well documented and articulated over the last three decades. What is needed by the world is a set of credible energy solutions that would lead us to a balance between economic growth and a sustainable environment. This book provides an open platform to establish and share knowledge developed by scholars, scientists and engineers from all over the world about various viable paths to a future of sustainable energy.

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