Author Topic: How to Block Porn Websites  (Read 1617 times)


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How to Block Porn Websites
« on: February 02, 2013, 05:48:39 AM »
Wierd Topic , Isnít it? Anyway for those who wanted to block and restrict your kids from accessing porn sites on the net, here is the software that you need -  ďAnti pornĒ. With Anti porn you can not only block adult sites, but also enforce various limits on the computer like limiting the number of hours of internet usage, You can control and limit the chat applications too. In Short, you can limit the whole of Internet to your kid using this software.
Features of Anti Porn

    Blocks any adult website using content, keyword and the website database.
    Blocks adult site even against Proxy browsing.
    Log the adult websites that your kid tried to open.
    Restrict the hours and duration for playing games. (Auto-detect of games in computer as well as manual selection is available)
    Restrict the hours and duration of using Chat clients (Supports restriction of  popular chat softwares like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Pidgin and lot more.
    Protects your eye sight (Ya thats right icon biggrin How to Block Porn Websites ., and its done by restricting the color brightness and contrasts of the monitor)
    Fully Password protection enabled, others cannot access the software without knowing its password.
    Can Support porn filtering in multiple languages (May be Chinese government should have used this software, rather than copying codes from a US company and write its own Firewall icon biggrin How to Block Porn Websites )
    Comes with a 15 Day Trial Period

Block porn sites with Anti porn

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