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Choosing the best WordPress Hosting
« on: February 05, 2012, 08:59:27 AM »
WordPress is the most widely used web blogging platform in the world. Ever since its launch WordPress has become the favorite tool for bloggers. Earlier blogs had been hosted under free domains such as and BlogSpot, however now due to the cheap hosting rates, bloggers are starting their own self hosted wordpress blog. What amazes me is that they neglect few important points that must be considered before buying a hosting plan for their website. The below content are my opinion based on my own experience with web hosting, if the readers have any point to add to this post, kindly drop a comment below. Your response is much appreciated and valued.
Storage Space

It is the main priority of the webmaster to predict the amount of storage that he would need to setup his website. The storage prediction must take into account several things that will be added to the website like images and videos that will be included in the content. This can be achieved by writing a post will some average number of images and videos and sampling the size occupied. Multiply it by the number of posts you are expecting to write. I know that there cannot be an accurate prediction for the number of posts, but you can roughly figure out a number. The prediction can be in account of any time period depending on how long you would stick to the same host and the plan. Its best to predict on a six month basis, because after that period, your average post size might increase, you might employ some more writers, etc. So always predict for a shorter period and later change them with time.

Choosing the best Wordpress Hosting


This is yet another main area of concern for each blogger. The bandwidth consumption is real hard to predict than the storage space required. The reason is the bandwidth usage can vary at a very great extent. Say suppose you get 100 visitors a day and you choose a hosting scheme that can take upto 120 visitors bandwidth. And may be you would have written an interesting article, that just got some tons of visitors, then the bandwidth limit will be crossed and the visitors will land up on a page which tells that the website they reached is out of bandwidth. This will leave a real bad impression on the visitors and probably they will never come back to your site. As time goes on the visitors count on the site will also increase exponentially, an expert webmaster should be able to predict the bandwidth requirements for the future.

WordPress is developed to run on PHP and it uses MySQL databases. By default the wordpress hosting you purchase comes up with some version of PHP and MySQL. WordPress is familiar for its frequent updates, and in their every new version, they might switch to the latest version of these two tools. Incase if the hosting company fails to update to the latest version, then your site will be in a complete disaster. Version conflicts leads to several problems in the website.
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