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5 Websites to test your Internet Speed
« on: February 10, 2012, 06:46:54 AM »
Sometimes while you are using torrents you may see that the files are being downloaded in a slower rate.This can happen if the peers and seeds you were connected at a slower rate, or there is problem with the trackers or your Internet connection itself will be slower. In the last case, whatever optimization you do to the Download Client you cannot improve the speed whatsoever. Here is a collection of over 5 commonly used websites that can help you find your Internet Speed without installing any third party softwares. (Note: Install Adobe Flash Plugin in your browser)
Websites to Test Internet Bandwidth

This is probably the most widely used website to check Internet Speed. has servers all over the world, it automatically detects the region you are in and selects the closest server, so the results are optimal. Apart from this, SpeedTest also allows you to rate your ISP, so you can get an idea of all the ISPs around the world based on usersí experience. Check out

speedtest 5 Websites to test your Internet Speed
 Bandwidth Place
Bandwidth is a clean looking dsl high speed internet checking web-tool. Compared to SpeedTest, Bandwidth Place does not have any special facilities to rate the ISP or choose the nearest server for speed testing. Yet its a good website with clean looks and cool interface. Check out BandwidthPlace.

bandwidth place 5 Websites to test your Internet Speed

TestInternetSpeed is a kind of ISP Speed testing tool along with quite interesting blog articles related to Internet, System optimization etc.The Speed test is powered by Ookla, who is also the provider for SpeedTest. Make sure to check out the various tools and tutorials regarding PC Optimization and Internet. Check out TestInternetSpeed.

testInternetSpeed 5 Websites to test your Internet Speed
 CNETís Bandwidth Meter

You may be aware of that fact that CNET is one of the largest collection of several applications and now they even cover gadgets and other stuffs. CNET also provides a new webtool called the CNET Bandwidth meter for checking your ISP speed. This tools asks the user for inputs such as the Area code, ISP Provider name etc in order to conduct the speed testing. The interface isn;t as simple as BandwidthPlace. Check out CNETís Bandwidth Meter.

cnet bandwidth meter 5 Websites to test your Internet Speed

iSpeedoMeter is yet another ISP speed testing tool, the testing results are accurate but the interface of the tool kind of looks weird. They have separate options for checking the upload and the download. Check out iSpeedoMeter.

iSpeedoMeter 5 Websites to test your Internet Speed
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