Author Topic: FoxTab: Add-on for Firefox  (Read 1473 times)


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FoxTab: Add-on for Firefox
« on: February 10, 2012, 07:06:43 AM »
Today I was bored and browsing around (like always )looking for something new and I dono where I came across but I came across this awesome Firefox add-on called Fox Tab ,I wasn’t so sure of using it at the beginning but still I went ahead installing it, As my browser was full of open tabs so I waited till I finish my other works and downloads then took time to install this new piece of add-on, so I went thought the manual and also found that it’s a pretty old add-on then started using it for a bit ,And after setting it up and used it for a while ,I found it to be very interesting and useful (for me) and I though of sharing it over here at ByteChip . ( icon biggrin FoxTab: Add on for Firefox gee sorry about the long story)

Foxtab3 FoxTab: Add on for Firefox


So like I said fox tab is a 3-D tab managing add-on application on Firefox ,it looks pretty good ,its just like a regular book mark and scroller but with an attitude icon wink FoxTab: Add on for Firefox .it has different layout which is already built in ,the user can just choose one which would be the default scroller .the user can easily customize how the add-on should look and how  it should work the user can even use a custom background if required. And i guess operating it full screen would be preferable, You may ask that you’d rather use bookmarks and ordinary alt+tab for changing pages and ill say “ yeah you can, but for me personally .I use a ton of bookmarks and theirs always lotta tabs opened in my browser ,I mean always’ .So I think I prefer this add-on for the people like me and it would make our browsing experience a bit easier and it is also fun with all those 3-D stuff it has(I know it probably will only last for a couple of days) but who care ,keep it till you need em icon biggrin FoxTab: Add on for Firefox . Still there is much more to this add-on and if you wanna try go ahead add it on and knock yourself off.foxtab2 1024x640 FoxTab: Add on for Firefox
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