Author Topic: Top 3 PopUp Plugins for WordPress  (Read 1436 times)


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Top 3 PopUp Plugins for WordPress
« on: February 10, 2012, 07:08:07 AM »
Popup in general is always considered as an advertisement, however some people have made full use of the PopUp to increase their subscribers rate or to sell their products. This is some of the best Popup plugins for WordPress I have tried so far. These plugins have good features to design your own Popup window, set various features like Display type, time, interval, location etc.
1. PopUp Domination WordPress Plugin

This is the best plugin when it comes to Popup. When it comes to flexibility, features and design, no other plugin can match this. But the only problem is that this plugin costs around 67 dollars( 77 USD actually, but when you close the window, it shows you an offer with 10 USD Discount ). In my opinion the price is little too high, but considering the result of using this plugin, its worth the price.

2. WordPress Popup Scheduler

WordPress Popup Scheduler is a free plugin with great features for displaying popups. Although it doesn’t come up with custom layouts like Popup Domiation, this plugin has a Rich Editor to design your own popup.

Features of WordPress Popup Scheduler

    Feature to display popup at various time intervals.
    Delay after which the Popup must be displayed.
    Various popup effects.
    Popup Location in the screen, either Center of the screen or custom location.

wp popup scheduler Top 3 PopUp Plugins for Wordpress

Wordpress Popup Scheduler
3. WP Super Popup

WP Super Popup does not contain those many features as there in the above two plugins, however if you are looking for a plugin for testing purpose, I suggest you can try this plugin.

Features of WP Super Popup

    Popup Speed, Location and Size.
    Rich Editor for making your own popup design.
    Opacity control.

super popup Top 3 PopUp Plugins for Wordpress
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