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Yahoo search..
« on: February 10, 2012, 07:25:32 AM »
2010 is history now , we are sixteen days into 2011 ,peopleís searching needs for information hasnít stopped its being the case every year, last year yet again yahoo came up with a list of top searched word for the year, the list contains some of the usual suspects like Britney and Megan also has few surprise entries this year .. Check out the most searched topics, celebs and events of 2010.
britney spears 3 image 300x221 Yahoo search..10. Britney spears: Right in at number ten comes Britney spears, the pop star was at fifth last year and she was in pole for the previous fours years dominating the search engine and the music charts. It was a surprise to see Britney as low as ten but still she is going strong.
9. American Idol: At number nine we have American Idol, the most watched TV show was at seventh in the list last time around,Simon and Kara may have been left the show but American idol is up their in the top ten list at the ninth place. new judges namely jlo and Steve tailor will add spices to the coming season so watch outidolteam1 300x224 Yahoo search..

climb aboard justin bieber 200x300 Yahoo search..8.Justin Bieber: We have a new comer at number eight, justin bieber the teenage pop star bust  into stardom last year and was domination YouTube view counts breaking charts records  with his pop music ,2010 is a big year for Justin and right now he is in at number eight.
7.Megan Fox: 2010 was a disappointing year at the box office for Megan Fox, she was the fourth most searched thing and the most searched female on the web  last year but this year it was a different story, moving down to seven was Megan Fox.

6.Iphone: Potentially the gadget of the decade could be named as iphone,the gadget has revolutionarsed Mobil communication and the introduction of 4g also played a part in where iphone is in the list right now.
5.Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus fills In the number fie four and third spot , their been a steady growth thought the days for theses two, kim has been to most highs past tv star for last year and miley has been a independent pop star breaking outta Hannah Montana.Kim Kardashian 203x300 Yahoo search..

2. World Cup: The FIFA football world cup has been only of the biggest event of last year which made a make in the search engine, the month long event proven to be a successful one.
mp main wide SpainWorldCup2010 452 300x206 Yahoo search..

1. BP oil spill: Finally the number one spot goes to the fatal incident which happened last year ,yes itís the BP oil spill , its at the top spot for all the wrong reasons.oil spill1 300x216 Yahoo search..
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