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Download Popup Domination Plugin
« on: February 10, 2012, 07:36:41 AM »
The general opinion about Popups is that they are bad and distract the readers. I was under the same mindset, until I discovered that if Pop ups are used wisely they will deliver great results. A month back I came to know about the Popup Domination Plugin I was amazed to see the results and reviews of other people who have tried the plugin. Although in this spam spread world, you canít trust a product by it reviews,but still I gave it a try. This post is on my experience with the plugin and how to Install it.
Review : Popup Domination Plugin

Earlier I had a subscription box in my sidebar, and most of  the time it went unnoticed to the readers. Perhaps this is one reason I bought the plugin. One month after the plugin installation I was amazed to see the results. My subscribers rate increased by 300%. In other words, by using the plugin for one month I got three times the number of subscribers whom I got in one year.

As you see in the image, the Green line shows the subscribers rate,Starting from October 14th 2009, till at present. The blue line is uncommon uses and it can be ignored. My opinion is that this product is worth every penny you pay for.
Popup Domination Styles

The plugin comes with many custom made designs from which you can choose one. The plugin administration page contains most of the options that a webmaster want to change, hence unlike the other plugin you donít need to mess up editing it in the plugin editor page.

Download Popup Domination Plugin

Below are some of the popup styles that comes with the plugin.
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