Author Topic: Is this a Bug in YouTube? .  (Read 1645 times)


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Is this a Bug in YouTube? .
« on: February 10, 2012, 07:38:39 AM »
I was watching a videos on YouTube yesterday and I came across this , after my video was completely buffered (my connection is kinda slow alright), I pushed the play button and started to watch the video then I wanted to switched to the full screen mode but to my surprise the 10 min video which I was already completely buffered had stopped and started buffering again, O-o then I noticed that while switching from the normal mode to full screen mode quality of the video is changed automatically which I did not knew before, but on the other hand after buffering the entire video if this happens you can always press refresh button so that the video which was already buffered before loads back in the normal mode sounds kinda complicated but its not.

default 300x187 Is this a Bug in YouTube? ..This tutorial is on how to avoid Youtube from changing the resolution once you switch to the full screen mode or toggle back to the normal mode. The problem is when you are watching a video in the normal mode, even after much of the video is buffered, by default the video will clear all the buffer and reload the video in a higher resolution. This setting is enabled by default in Youtube, to avoid it we got to make a small change in the Youtube preferences and settings.

Now in the Video Quality Playback option select I have a slow connection. Never play high-quality video. .
Click on Save Changes button.
From now on , Youtube videos will not change its resolution when you toggle between normal screen and full screen, also the buffer remains same, so that you can continue from the place you change the screen type still having the rest of the video that has been loaded.
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