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Samsung Galaxy Series
« on: February 12, 2012, 11:49:06 AM »
The Galaxy smart phones have long been praised for their abilities to do much more than phone number lookup. The Galaxy S2 phone was one of only two, the other being HTC’s Sensation, that was rated as being comparable to the iPhone. The display quality and high processing speeds of the phone had many even dubbing it “the best smart phone on the market.”

It’s no wonder Apple was quick to file lawsuit against Samsung. Their position as industry leader is being threatened by companies like Samsung and HTC, and they want to display their dominancy before other companies begin crowding in. And Samsung knows this.

In fact, Samsung has taken the lawsuit filed by Apple in stride, believing it to be more of a compliment than an insult. The company believes that if it wasn’t building such exceptional smart phones, then Apple wouldn’t even begin to bother with suing the company.

Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung was filed based on the alleged infringement of the interface – in particular, the way in which photo gallery looks. So far Apple has been successful at getting Samsung Galaxy products banned in several countries including Switzerland and the Netherlands until the patent infringement suit is settled.

As several other countries have picked up the ban on Galaxy products, with the exception of the United States, many are wondering if will the ban on Samsung Galaxy products reach India?

Most likely not. The Galaxy Tab was only recently released in India, and it doesn’t look as though Apple is ready to focus its efforts on getting Samsung’s devices banned in the country yet. So Indians who are finally enjoying the long awaited debuts can continue to do so.

What the ban does mean, however, for those in India is that we are more likely to see lawsuits of this kind and similar bans become more frequent in the future. Competition is becoming more and more fierce amongst smart phone creators leaving many to do whatever necessary to stay on top. So while India may avoid having their Galaxy devices banned this time, they could be without another device in the near future as the mobile device wars only continue to grow.
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