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3D online
« on: February 10, 2012, 08:02:13 AM »
There is no mistaking that the biggest and most exciting development in cinema going for many years is the exploding popularity and accessibility of 3D movies.  The technology has been dreamt about since the 80s, perhaps earlier, but only now has science fiction really started to become science fact.

Things really started to come together back in 2006 as Superman Returns, a film with very little else going for it, featured selected scenes using the still new technology.

Now, though, most cinemas offer at least one screen with 3D capability and special 3D releases come out on a regular basis.

They are a mixed bag, some – like Avatar – have cinematography done with the 3D element in mind, while others –like The Last Airbender ¬– have the feature added afterwards, and it often ends up feeling like that.

Nevertheless, home viewing, as has often been the case with similar advances such as surround sound, lags behind. While many cinemas have boasted 3D screens for five years now, 3D TVs in homes as a matter of routine still looks a long way away.

This is a shame as home movie distributors such as seek to make home viewing more expansive and fundamentally easier with movies on demand. With new ways to watch films online, either through your computer or direct to your television, going to the cinema may be taking yet another step towards being second choice.

Indeed, in many ways, watching films online in the comfort of your own home is cheaper and more comfortable than going to the cinema, and most with good home entertainment systems certainly favour it.
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