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Samsung Wave
« on: February 03, 2012, 08:46:19 AM »
Samsung’s flagship smart phone, the Galaxy S, attracts much of the attention directed towards the famous Korean company nowadays but this is not to say that the company do not have a host of other handsets out there for you mobile phone fans to consider before you buy your new phone. One other phone from Samsung that has become rather well thought of over the last year or so is the Samsung Wave which, available for free on many networks now, represents great value for money in today’s high priced mobile phone market.

samsung wave Samsung WaveThe most impressive thing about the Wave is its speed, it does everything you want it to extremely quickly and this is mainly down to the Wave’s use of the ‘Hummingbird’ CPU (S5PC110), which includes 1 GHz ARM Cortex-8 CPU and a powerful built-in PowerVR SGX 540 graphics engine. All of this powers the ‘Super AMOLED’ screen and 720p high-definition video capture capabilities, so you can now film your life in high definition on your Samsung device and play the results on your HD TV or computer.

In terms of navigating the phone, the Wave utilizes the Samsung’s own TouchWiz interface, powered by the bada operating system, and in terms of the interface it works pretty well. There is room for 10 widgets on the homescreen and there is also plenty of room for widgets that can be placed all over the homescreen a la the Android or iPhone OS. There is also a drop down menu in the style of Android, so the Wave has everything you would expect from a decent phone’s menu.

Other high points of the Wave are its impressively fast broadband and a 5 megapixel camera that at least keeps up with most of the mobile phone cameras on the market. It seems that although there are issues with the phone, not least certain problems with the bada OS when compared to Apple or Android’s offerings, Samsung has managed to balance the few bad things with a whole host of good! This is a cute and useful phone that has managed to maintain the standard that has been set by the Galaxy S even if it hasn’t improved on it.
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