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ASP Hosting vs Colocation Hosting
« on: February 05, 2012, 09:02:25 AM »
Are you a small budget company and do you want to setup a perfect server with the best of all features at the cheapest price, then you should read this article to get the complete picture.
ASP Hosting

The growth of ASP in the field of web development has been exceptional. ASP is the acronym for Active Server Pages developed by Microsoft Corporation. In the initial stage ASP did not reach the market very well due to the competition from JSP and PHP. But with the latest developments in its features and security, ASP has become the choice of Web programming language by most of the developers. Many popular website are now being developed with ASP. Many hosting providers might not support ASP completely, inorder to make the website owner get the complete features set of ASP, the webhosting companies have come with a new type of hosting called as asp hosting.

Features of ASP Hosting

    Full Support for websites/ web application developed using ASP.
    JavaScript, PERL, Python support
    ASP supports the best of the technologies to meet all the needs of the website owners. Starting from a basic ASP page to the much complex database operations, user tracking etc ASP can be used for all.
    They are much secure and efficient.

Why choose Colocation Hosting

In general website owners select shared web hosting. A shared hosting usually starts costs around 80 USD per year (the price varies from one web hosting provider to another). Shared hosting are good for website with traffic less than 5000 visitors a day. But with a website with more than 5000 visitors then the performance issue pops in. As a matter of fact several companies will warn the owners to shift from shared hosting to dedicated hosting or colocation hosting.

Colocation hosting is a type of hosting where in the website owner will setup his own server in any other hosting companyís rack. The idea behind this concept is to share the bandwidth. High bandwidth can be very costly and cannot be afforded by small companies. Especially depending on the country you are in, internet costs vary a lot. So rather than spending a huge amount on the bandwidth charges, the small company can simply place their server in the hosting provider rack and use the bandwidth, this way they donít have to worry much about their DSL charges.

Since the server is located somewhere else, its more secured and immune to any damages. Colocation hostings are supervised by special technicians from the hosting company. They take care of troubleshooting and maintaining your server. Inshort you get all that you need for a very simpler price.
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