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Online Clipboard
« on: February 09, 2012, 08:26:47 AM » is an online clipmarking website. Its one of the first of its kind that I have seen so far. Imagine I want to share a letter with one of my friend, previously what I used to do it, either send him a through email or share it in social media or of course through the Chat clients.

But does the same work with a difference. When I first visited their site, it took some time to figure out what actually it does. The website allows the user to create any page on the domain. Say I wanted to create a page called “ByteChip”. Then all I got to do is , browse to ., This will return a page like the one which looks below.

Once you type something on the site, and save it , you can share the url to your friends. As in my case, its So if anyone opens the url, they can see the text you have written.

There are three modes of using this function

    Plain text mode(the one you see in the top)
    Rich text mode
    Message Board

I personally like the Message Board, you can use it for some private discussion. Yet another good feature of this site, is that you can specify the password to lock down the pages, so only closed set of people can see the message board and the rest cannot.
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