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Best Online Image Watermarking Tools
« on: February 09, 2012, 08:52:39 AM »
Images plagiarism is very common these days.Very recently I found that a blogger was copying my article on softwares  and using the screenshots that I took in my computer. I wonder how is he even eligible to write a software review, because when he cannot even take a screenshot of the software by himself, its pretty sure, that he wouldn’t have even tried that software.  There is no point in complaining, so now I have decided to watermark all the screenshots that I make. And for this purpose I came across various Online Watermarking tools , Here is the list of them.

This is a two step online tool, where you first got to select the photo, in the second level you will be asked for the text ,color etc. Drawback of this tool is that the positions are standard , you cannot place a watermark text in any position you liked. Another drawback is that the background box of the watermark occupies the full width, rather than just the text. Rating: 3/5

Yet another tool like the previous one. Two striking features of PicMarkR is that apart from the text watermark you can also add Image as a watermark. And then after processing the image, you will be presented with options to Export the Image to Flickr, Picasa and Facebook. Other normal editing features are present. Watermark text can be placed only in any of the 9 given positions. Rating: 4/5
picMarkR Best Online Image Watermarking Tools


Probably the worst of the listed Watermark tool, Apart from the features present in the above, this tool allows you to compress the Image as you add the watermark also. But the reason I dint like it is because of the fact, the processed Image should be downloaded in order to access. And the worst part its in a Zip format. Not me, but trust me there are few people around you are too lazy to even extract a file. The zip feature may save size but its speed and easiness that all matters in online tool. Rating 2/5
watermark Best Online Image Watermarking Tools

We will cover the list of Watermark Offline tools in the coming posts. Also by midst of April the team of ByteChip is planning to create a portable Watermark tool, which has all the features in the Paid watermark softwares. Click here to see the other products from ByteChip.
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