Author Topic: Coherence and Ultrashort Pulse Laser Emission  (Read 1666 times)


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Coherence and Ultrashort Pulse Laser Emission
« on: January 10, 2012, 02:30:59 PM »

InTech, 2010

Book Catagory : Electrical And Electronic
Language : English
688 Pages - 44.02 MB

In this volume, recent contributions on coherence provide a useful perspective on the diversity of various coherent sources of emission and coherent related phenomena of current interest. These papers provide a preamble for a larger collection of contributions on ultrashort pulse laser generation and ultrashort pulse laser phenomena. Papers on ultrashort pulse phenomena include works on few cycle pulses, high-power generation, propagation in various media, to various applications of current interest. Undoubtedly, Coherence and Ultrashort Pulse Emission offers a rich and practical perspective on this rapidly evolving field.
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